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Issue 191

The Esat Story by Brendan O'Kelly

Hardback; 20.00 IEP / 23.50 USD / 17.50 UK / 25.40 EURO; Gill & Macmillan, 165 pages [Add To Basket]

One Friday in 1988, Esat Television was going out of business. The fledgling company had just lost a vital deal with a British partner. Denis O'Brien identified a potential new partner, flew to Leeds/Bradford in the UK and took a cab to the partners' headquarters. Without an appointment, he got a ten-minute interview with the deputy chairman who ended with the deal back in place and O'Brien holding a cheque for 15,000 as a down payment. He returned to the airport in the deputy-chairman's chauffer-driven Bentley. This is the story of how Denis O'Brien too Esat from nothing to the company that secured Ireland's second mobile phone licence. Finally, the stunning sale of Esat to British Telecom in January 2000 established him as one of Ireland's wealthiest entrepreneurs. This book tells the remarkable inside story of a remarkable business triumph.

W & R Jacob: Celebrating 150 Years of Irish Biscuit Making by Seamas O Maitiu

Paperback; 15.00 IEP / 18.50 USD / 12.50 UK / 19.10 EURO; Woodfield Press, 121 pages, with colour and b/w photos throughout [Add To Basket]

Dublin's major industries have traditionally been based on the produce of the Irish countryside. They include brewing, distilling, and, of course, baking and biscuit making. Synonymous with Dublin biscuit making is the name of W & R Jacob. The business was founded by two brothers of a Quaker family, William and Robert Jacob, in Waterford in 1851, and shortly afterwards moved to Peter's Row in Dublin. This is the first history of the family enterprise. It traces the origin of the Jacob family in Ireland, the foundation and development of the firm, and its expansion overseas. The Dublin factory's dramatic involvement in the 1913 lock-out is recounted, as is its pivotal role in the 1916 Rising, in material never before published. Jacob's impact on the social and economic life of Dublin and indeed, further afield, is highlighted as its famous biscuits were, and still are, found in shops in Ireland and around the world.

Lovers of Liberty: Local Government in 20th Century Ireland by Diarmuid Ferriter

Large Paperback; 15.00 IEP / 18.50 USD / 12.50 UK / 19.10 EURO; National Archives, 214 pages, with colour and b/w photos throughout [Add To Basket]

This book is a result of the National Archives exhibition to mark the centenary of the passing of the Local Government (Ireland) Act of 1898 and the first local elections in 1899, to which has been added an essay surveying some of the main themes of Irish local government in the twentieth century. The book contains a multitude of photographs and copies of letters and reports on local government issues, from the Troubles, to housing and roads, water and sewerage, the Emergency, Health, Welfare and Education, Rates and Finance, Employment and Planning.

Teach Yourself Irish by Diarmuid O Se and Joseph Sheils

Paperback with 2 cassettes in case; 32.00 IEP / 37.50 USD / 26.50 UK / 40.00 EURO; 330 page book, and 2 x 50 minute cassettes [Add To Basket]

This book/cassette set is a complete course in understanding, speaking and writing Irish. This new edition has been thoroughly revised and updated, and now includes even more listening material. The course contains graded units of dialogues, culture notes, grammar and exercises; a step-by-step guide to pronunciation; an extensive grammar survey; and an Irish-English vocabulary list. The cassettes to accompany the book have been specially recorded by native speakers. They contain dialogues from the book and exercises in listening and speaking.

Learning Irish by Micheal O Siadhail

Paperback w/ 4 x 60 minute cassettes; 44.45 Euro / 40.00 USD / 26.50 UK; Yale UP. [Add To Basket]

This is the most comprehensive and authoritative Irish language learning course available. It is suitable for beginners and essential for professional linguists. It includes 36 graduated lessons in a 316-page book, and 4 x 60-minute tapes of readings, conversation and vocabulary spoken by native Irish speakers. It was developed at the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies by one of Ireland's leading poets, writers and linguists. It leads rapidly to complete written and spoken proficiency, and is an essential introduction and guide to writing and speaking authentic everyday Irish.

Irish on the Inside: In Search of the Soul of Irish America by Tom Hayden

Hardback; 20.00 IEP / 23.50 USD / 17.50 UK / 25.40 EURO; Verso, 312 pages [Add To Basket]

The author of this book first realized he was 'Irish on the inside' when he heard civil rights marchers in Northern Ireland singing 'We Shall Overcome' in 1968. Though his great grandparents had been forced to immigrate to America in the 1850s, Hayden's parents erased his Irish heritage in their quest for respectability. In this candid book, he explores the losses wrought by such conformism, in his own life and beyond. Too much assimilation, he argues, leave Irish America with a crippling amnesia and permanent identity crisis. By re-inhabiting their history and recognizing the links to others today experiencing the prejudice once directed at their ancestors, Irish Americans can assimilate not simply into the Anglo world but also into the new world of once-colonized peoples. Passionate and erudite, always speaking to connect the past with the present, the personal with the societal, the author has produced a compelling book that casts new light on the continuing struggle in Ireland and its resources across the Irish diaspora.

50 Years A-Growing: The History of the Kerry Association in Dublin 1951-2001 edited by Mary McAuliffe

Hardback; 20.00 IEP / 23.50 USD / 17.50 UK / 25.40 EURO; Blackwater, 166 pages, with b/w photos [Add To Basket]

This book is a fascinating account of one of Ireland's most enduring and popular organisations as it celebrates its 50th anniversary. The association's connection with Kerry football is brought to life through the many interviews with founding and current members and the abundant photographs. The book also features numerous articles by and about some of Kerry's most famous sons and daughters. Contributors include footballing legend Paidi O Se, Jimmy Denihan, John B. Keane and Benedict Kiely.

A Gift of Roses: Memories of the Visit to Ireland of St. Therese by Don Mullan

Paperback; 9.45 IEP / 11.00 USD / 7.99 UK / 12.00 EURO; Wolfhound, 271 pages [Add To Basket]

On the first East Sunday of the third millenium the Relics of St Therese of Lisieux were carried onto Irish soil to begin an historic eight-day tour of the country. It had been anticipated that this unique journey would attract tens of thousands of well wishers and devotees, and, of course, some cynics and doubters. However, no one could have forseen the tremendous impact that the visit of 'The Little Flower' would have on the country. Irish people flocked to churches, cathedrals and convents, and lined the roads between venues, not in their tens of thousands but in their millions. In this book, the author presents a snapshot of the phenomenal response of a wide cross-section of these people. Over 100 personal accounts and reflections are presented in a language that will bring the reader on a thought-provoking, challenging and provocative roller-coaster of emotions. The author also shares with us his experience of being the first Irish journalist permitted into Ground Zero just six days after the horrific events of 11 September 2001, to visit the church where the body of Fr. Michael Judge, Chaplain to the New York Fire Department, was carried.

Northern Divisions: The Old IRA and the Belfast Pogroms 1920-22 by Jim McDermott

Paperback; 17.00 IEP / 20.00 USD / 14.00 UK / 21.55 EURO; Beyond the Pale, 322 pages [Add To Basket]

Jimmy McDermott was an IRA officer in Belfast in the 1920s and so was his brother Johnny. They went their separate ways when the IRA split over the Treaty. Jimmy ended up as an officer in the Free State Army. The story of the McDermott brothers is one small part of the history of the turbulent birth of the unionist state in the North of Ireland. In this book, Jimmy McDermott's grandson pieces together the history of Belfast republicanism around the time of partition. He presents a powerful chronicle of Belfast republicanism and the role of the 3rd Northern Division of the IRA, and helps to explain strands of the conflict which are still with us today - policing, sectarianism and mistrust of political institutions.

In Your Opinion: Political and Social Trends in Ireland through the Eyes of the Electorate by Jack Jones

Hardback; 25.00 IEP / 30.00 USD / 20.00 UK / 31.75 EURO; TownHouse, 338 pages [Add To Basket]

The author of this book was the founder of the Market Research Bureau of Ireland in 1962. Now chairman of the much-expanded company, he is ideally placed to share his passion and experience and no-nonsense approach to the influence of opinion polls on politics and the changing social trends in Ireland. Do opinion polls predict or influence election results in any way? How should the results be read? Who has access to the results of the differing surveys? Can the findings be helpful to political parties in planning campaigns? Should opinion polls be banned for a period before elections? Aided by tables, graphs and incisive comment, the reader can find answers to these questions and thereby trace the changing attitudes that have taken place in Ireland, North and South, since the MRBI's first polls were taken 30 years ago.

The Haunted Inkwell- Art and Our Future by Mark Patrick Hederman

Paperback; 11.99 IEP / 14.00 USD / 10.00 UK / 15.20 EURO; Columba, 231 pages [Add To Basket]

Taking a line from James Joyce as his title, the author shows how art can be our compass in destitute times. He uses the work of Seamus Heaney, James Joyce, Rainer Maria Rilke, Wole Soyinka, and Iris Murdoch to illustrate how this can be done.

The Irish Lions 1896-2001 by Barry Coughlan

Paperback; 10.00 IEP / 11.50 USD / 8.50 UK / 12.70 EURO; SFC Books, 315 pages [Add To Basket]

This book gives a fully comprehensive account of the British and Irish Lions 2001 tour of Australia. It is also a celebration of the huge contribution made by Irish players and officials on Four Nations tours to the Southern Hemisphere over more than a century.

The Kinsale Cookbook compiled by Jane Bergin

Paperback; 15.50 IEP / 18.50 USD / 13.00 UK / 19.80 EURO; 144 pages [Add To Basket]

This book is a unique collection of recipes from the renowned chefs and residents of Kinsale, Ireland's culinary capital.

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