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Man of War, Man of Peace: The Unauthorised Biography of Gerry Adams Man of War, Man of Peace: The Unauthorised Biography of Gerry Adams
by David Sharrock and Mark Devenport

(hardback; 18.70 IRP / 28.00 USD)

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Gerry Adams is without doubt one of the most important and controversial figures in modern Irish politics. After years spent in the shadows he has made a remarkable journey from the safe houses of Republican West Belfast to the parlours of the White House, and has now been re-elected Member of Parliament for West Belfast. A man who was regarded as so dangerous that even his voice had to be banned now speaks with world statesmen such as Bill Clinton and Nelson Mandela.

This book reveals, for the first time, the true man behind the jealousy protected and meticulously contrved public image. Using previously unavailable first-hand accounts of his life, from both friends and enemies, it explores Adams enigmatic journey from conflict to peace and beyond, asking how he and his party will respond to expanding political power and a new British government.

This biography is unauthorised because Adams, his party and the peace process are still in flux, with Sinn Fein remaining by nature a conspiratorial group. Security sources, informers and those Irish Republicans who believe Adams has betrayed their cause all provide the revealing details the Sinn Fein leader's own writings have deliberately left unsaid.

This book is an important and timely history of the Troubles which uncovers the read Gerry Adams, showing how he rose to power and what he plans to do with it.

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